Considering design as a way of thinking and an action perspective, we enrich your approaches with new dimensions, and stimulate your processes. Work with us towards an individual, creative and committed achievement of your objectives.

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We lecture widely and conduct workshops on several themes. We bring our expertise and our experiences with educational group processes to your institution, school or company.


We make exhibitions. We select or commission work, display, arrange and contextualise it. Exhibitions – of long or short duration – are a purposeful medium for your institution or company to reach a specific audience.


We use our practical and theoretical knowledge to examine and contextualise the topics you want to find out more about. We analyse and communicate our findings in an objective and compelling way engaging visuals to support it.


We complement your approach with our expertise and creative perspective. We enrich it with a progressive view and provide contemporary tools to steer your process and spark new ideas.


We develop concepts for websites, books, exhibitions, events and spaces. Together with you, we create platforms for shared knowledge and engagement that persist and have effects far beyond a single event or exhibition.

Project Management

We take care of the execution of your project, from early planning and production efforts to the successful implementation of your concept on schedule and in line with the budget. Our experience as an independent organisation gives us the tools for engaging in flexible workstreams and conducting flawless work under pressure.


We create and organise roundtables, symposia and conferences, creating spaces for sharing and disseminating new ideas. We develop the concept and conduct the event, creating opportunities for an engaging exchange.

Curation – Okolo Offline: Collecting, Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden, 2015
Curation – Forum for an Attitude, Vitra Design Museum Gallery, 2015
Curation – Happening, Wenkenhof Villa Riehen, 2014