Design Date – DAE #TVclerici – Milan

Palazzo Clerici, Milan

04. – 07 April 2017

Täglich 14:00 – 15:00


Body and Identity – Marcus Fairs
Tuesday, 4 April
Olle Lundin
Floriane Misslin
Pleun van Dijk

Technology and Surveillance – Jurgen Bey
Wednesday, 5 April
Anastasia Kubrak
Vincent Thornhill
Louisa Zahareas

Virtual Reality and Alter Ego – Job Smeets
Thursday, 6 April
Jella v. Eck
Clara Escalara
Alice Wong

Interior and Interaction – Ilse Crawford
Friday, 7 April
Govert Flint
Alexandre Humbert
Deborah Janssens

Emma Lucek

Project Management
Orlando Lovell 

Sylvan Lenz

Design Academy Eindhoven students and alumni will present a mashed-up media and design studio at the 2017 Salone del Mobile at Palazzo Clerici in Milan’s city center. The show is curated by Jan Boelen (head of the Social Design Master department) together with a selection of students and alumni. The programme analyzes the role and symbiotic relationship design plays in contemporary media.

At 2pm each day Design Academy Eindhoven will film an episode of Design Date a format by Depot Basel, hosted by Matylda Krzykowski. Special guests Jurgen Bey, Ilse Crawford, Marcus Fairs, and Job Smeets will blind interview students for fictitious jobs in their respective studios.

Is a TV win more about charm and seduction, or skill and content?

Previous edition of Design Date at Victoria & Albert Museum, London