This is Work – Online Publication

Depot Basel, Voltaplatz

27 February 2015

Concept & Design
Gabriela Baka & Fictional Collective

Fictional Collective & Depot Basel



In addition to the exhibition, ‘This Is Work’ also takes a form of an online publication at, which will be developed throughout the duration of the exhibition. It contains contributions by various theorists and practitioners

The online publication as well functions as an evolving, time-based laboratory, which is documenting and discussing the happenings at Depot Basel through the weekend events.

The publication’s chapters, which thematically equal the program items, are developed by Fictional Collective and their local collaborators in the events, and enriched with contributions from a wide variety of designers, writers and researchers.

Each chapter of the publication will be published a week prior to the event of the same name, and available for download.

With (audio-)visual, written and sound contributions by:
Yasmin Afshar, Armen Avanessian & Andreas Töpfer, Ethel Baraona Pohl & César Reyes Najera, Flurin Bertschinger, Anna Bloch, Brave New Alps, Johannes Bruder, Juliette Chrétien, Sasha Cisar, Marta Colon, Gioia Dal Molin, Claudia Mareis, Daniel Fernandez Pasqual,  Anne Gabriel Jürgens & Marvin Zilm, Pascal Gielen, Angela Gigliotti & Fabio Gigone, Gregory Gilbert-Lodge, Ronny Hunger, Matthias Kappeler, Jonas Löllmann, Jesper List Thomsen, Silvio Lorusso,  Robert Lzicar, Vinzenz Meyner, Martina Muzi, Lorenz Nufer, Juan Palencia, Elisa Pasqual & Marco Ferrari, Katja Praznik. Anna Puigjaner & Guillermo Lopez, Dorothee Richter, Vera Sacchetti, Claudia Stöckli, and many more.

Gabriela Baka

Exhibition Designer
Zeno Franchini

Heini Lehtinen

Sophie Rzepecky

Design Researcher
Penny Webb

Interaction Designer
Collective as a Method. Working on Experiences and Strategies

Social Gathering

Common Wealth Inquiries. Centralized Legitimization vs. Decentralized Creation

Social Gathering

Patterns of Uncertainty. The Process of Work

Social Gathering

Silvia Pillow Neretti’s ‘Agency of Precedents’ online

Social Gathering

The Course of What Will Happen. Redefining Roles and Rules

Social Gathering

This is Work