Auf den Punkt gebracht – Preview


01 September 2015

With: Ajla, Ali, Bilal, Daniela, Diyar, Elisa, Enisa, Gabriele, Ilda, Mirakel, Muhammed-Ali, Nona, Paulo, Risvana, Robin, Salvatore, Vanessa mit Catrina Goepfert und Stefan Witschi


Joel Correia


Till Gombert

Children see things differently. They are naturally unbiased, honest and they stick to their view without trying to sugarcoat it.’Auf den Punkt gebracht’ [On Point] is a project that has been carried out together with class 3A of Basel’s primary school Insel. In four workshops held in summer 2015, the children engaged themselves with the topic of design at various levels. The children were confronted with visual, verbal and tactile techniques to define tangible and intangible values for themselves and also communicate these to others.

Their thoughts and ideas will be displayed within the exhibition at Depot Basel from 19 – 22 November 2015. Amongst other things, the children will explain what design and values mean to them. The outcomes of the workshops will be presented as photos, drawings, videos and objects.

The project shows how important it is to trust one’s intuition and to also look at things from an unbiased, almost naïve perspective from time to time. It is a concept of Depot Basel conducted by the designers Veronika Gombert and Eva Feldkamp.

Eva Feldkamp

Interior Designer
Veronika Gombert

Industrial Designer