Depot Basel, Voltaplatz

04 June – 10 July 2016

04 – 04 June 2016

19.00 – 22.00

Opening (Art Basel)
13 – 13 June 2016

20.00 – 24.00

Performative exhibition
14 – 17 June 2016

Daily 15.00 – 18.00

Exhibition open upon request
19 June – 10 July 2016

info@depotbasel. ch


Etnik Ferataj

What is contemporary?

How do people implement their self-imposed aspiration to be contemporary – to act within their time – how do they reflect their own occupation, their position and the now? What are the manifestations and the materializations of our time?

‘Superprojekt’ is a provisional stage at Depot Basel, exploring the question ‘What is contemporary?’ by different means: The written and the spoken word, the physical item, the body language, and the public’s reactions, condensed into a timeframe, mirroring the contributors’ personal and subjective views.

Attending the performances is essential for perceiving and understanding the works.The exhibition space is the stage and vice versa.

20-minute exhibition

Depot Basel determines that the duration of the exhibition will be 20 minutes. In an everyday life in which the maximum possible attention span is constantly shortened due to a steady flow of snap-shots and the work on various equally urgent projects at the same time, 20 minutes have become a fixed unit of time measurement.

From a curating point of view, this interval offers a focused frame in which the different aspects and levels of the works of Luke Archer (UK/CH), Leonardo Azzolini (IT/CH) , Ferréol Babin (FR), Dimitri Bähler (CH), Tymek Borowski (PL) Soft Baroque (UK), Santiago Guerrero Font (UK), Joanne Hakkert (NL), Leonard Kadid (FR/CH), Sebastian Marbacher (CH), Diana Pfammatter (CH) and Dan Solbach (CH) are made accessible to the visitors. In the performative exhibition following a script that has been created in collaboration with Kaja Kusztra, the perpetuity of objects overlays with the fleetingness of the actions that are inscribed into those very same objects. The quality of things as carriers of meaning and as significants of our time will be depicted. It is necessary to participate in the 20-minute exhibition to fully grasp the works and to understand what ‘contemporary’ can signify today.

Luke Archer

Graphic Designer
Leonardo Azzolini

Graphic Designer
Dimitri Bähler

Soft Baroque

Tymek Borowski

Santi Guerrero Font

Joanne Hakkert

Graphic Designer
Leonard Kadid

Kaja Kusztra

Graphic Designer
Dan Solbach

Graphic Designer
Diana Pfammatter

Sebastian Marbacher

Production Designer
Contemporary Contextualisation
Contemporary Conversation
Contemporary Decision
Contemporary Format
Contemporary Image
Contemporary Industry
Contemporary Information
Contemporary Optimism
Contemporary Story
Contemporary Surface
Contemporary Visualisation
Contemporary Volume
Superprojekt – Opening