Depot Basel, Voltaplatz

09 February 2016

19:00 Apéro, presentation and discussion.

Apéro, presentation and discussion




publication launch

CARTHA* is a curated platform that focuses on sharing different forms of critical thinking regarding architecture and society. Through opinions, experiences and works, CARTHA aims to map out the contemporary architectural landscape.

For the launch of the closing issue of the “Relations” cycle, CARTHA goes back to the city where it started, Basel. Along with launching the last issue of 2015, and the premiere of its poster, we will review the editorial project’s first year and look ahead into CARTHA’s future. A sneak-peek of the book containing the whole of the “Relations” cycle will be allowed and the new steering topic and editorial concept for 2016 will be announced.

On Tuesday, 9 February 2016 at  19:00  we will have an Apéro, a presentation and a discussion. The posters of the four issues of the “Relations” cycle will be there for the picking.

* CARTHA is a long distance relationship. It is a group of architects and designers, that create an independent, periodical, non-profit publishing platform. It is an ongoing archive of a territory under construction presented in four different media: a free of charge internet distributed publication, a website, printed posters and a book which is published at the end of the cycle as an annuary of CARTHA’s generated content.

Each year is dedicated to a topic. The issues published within this time frame attempt to explore the selected topic from different perspectives. Each issue features an interview with a relevant person for the topic at hand, the work of a selected photographer and contributions that result from a call for papers.

In 2015 the steering topic was Relations within the architectural spectrum. The four issues “Worth sharing,” “Confrères,” “Mannschaft” and “Santisima Trinidad,” respectively aimed to develop the ways in which we share, in which architects relate to architects, to workers, and to users and clients.

From the series : USF DF Tactics of appropriation. © Onnis Luque