Pub(lic) Quiz

One Design Week in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

17 June 2016

Kino Kosmos
Gladston str. 48
19:30 – 21:30

“Can I help you?” is the theme of One Design Week in Plovdiv. It has a focus on design processes and social engagement via practices of design. Within the discipline of design such ideas and initiatives often fail as a result of lacking communication skills and an inadequate approach.

With the format Pub(lic) Quiz Depot Basel wants to unite people of different age, interest and professional expertise in a relaxed atmosphere, in order to have a playful conversation about design in general, about its influence on culture and society, on participation and activism.

Theme-based and open for everyone, the Pub(lic) Quiz includes questions and tasks – it is a parlour game including activities for mind and body, a game about facts, images, riddles, talents, necessary and unnecessary knowledge. The format motivates social interaction. It offers possibilities to playfully and directly approach themes of design, society and culture to all participants. Quizzers form teams, collecting points throughout the game. The highest scoring team wins.

* The term ‘pub’ was first used in 1859 as a slang word for ‘public house’.