Patterns of Uncertainty. The Process of Work

Depot Basel, Voltaplatz

14 March 2015


Live Rehearsal & Performance

Aya Bentur and Sophie Rzepecky in collaboration with Lorenz Nufer

Looking for work: selling yourself. A live rehearsal becomes a performance of uncertainty.

Using rehearsal as a mechanism to understand the gestures and movements of improvisation, vulnerability and the unknown. We looked to the actors Christoph Mörikofer and Florian Müller-Mohrungen and the actor/director Lorenz Nufer as they re-enacted a scene of desperation and hope. Based on a true event, the re-enacting centered around an actor, who desperately searching for a job, confronts the artistic director of a theater company with a prop rifle. Christoph Mörikofer and Florian Müller-Mohrungen, mediated by Lorenz Nufer, re-enacted the scene in different tonalities, trying to reach the complexity of the relationship between actor and artistic director, the powerful and the powerless. Spoken in German, the scene was reconstructed over and over, examining through gestures, facial expressions and verbal intonation, how volatile and static power structures can be.

Event in German

Sophie Rzepecky

Design Researcher
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