Depot Basel, Voltaplatz

06 September – 01 November 2014

01 November 2014

Tuesday – Friday 12.00 – 02.00 pm
Introduction to the “exhibition of the day“ and lunch
On registration – max. 3 person a day

Saturday – Sunday 02.00 – 06.00 pm
Exhibition open

Special program on every saturday evening
Exhibition, conference, discussion, film, literature and meal

Sunday 05.00 – 08.00 pm
Big “family dinner” – everybody who wants to participate brings something self-made for the buffet

Closed on Mondays

1 residence, 5 events , 16 suggestions “de la maison”, 27 visualisations, 31 days, 98 objects, 200kg of vegetables, 444 books, some guests and workshops and many surprises…

Depot Basel has invited Sibylle Stœckli to display the results of her research around the theme of nutrition as a part of a residency located in their location at Voltaplatz. She herself grasps the term nutrition on a wider scale and incorporates everything that enables us to live, meaning both the food we eat and also the mental, intellectual and cultural nourishment. The designer from Lausanne will live for 31 days on site and will be present to talk to the visitors and tell about her expedition around the world. She understands her show- and living-room as a fluid and constantly changing space which will be influenced by encounters, talks and memories.

Four times a week (Tuesday to Friday), Sibylle will cook lunch for her guests (sign up at: Matching the menu, she will show a daily changing mini-exhibition on the dining table.

On the Weekends, there are several workshops, lectures and screenings of films around the theme of food and consume. Visitors have the chance to deepen their knowledge on their own in Sibylle’s library, which she brought to Basel for this purpose.

Be it cooking or the composition of her exhibition – Sibylle trusts in improvisation, intuition and the new synergies that sprout, when different ingredients are mixed together. These ingredients (vegetables, spices, everyday objects, photos, texts and memories) will -depending on the doses and the constellation- create a different menu or tell another story. In this manner, the exotic will be contrasted and connected with the familiar. It will be shown and bargained, this makes a sensual reflection of what we perceive as familiar and foreign in our possible experience.

Sibylle Stœckli

Design Researcher