Forum for an Attitude – Display

Depot Basel, Voltaplatz

16 October – 14 February 2015

Attitude is …

In the context of the ‘Forum for an Attitude’ Depot Basel asked 9 people to complete the sentence ‘Attitude is … ‘.

With: Katarzyna Roj, Max Bruinsma, Michael Schoner, Marianne Burki, Max Borka, Thomas Geisler, Anka Falk, Tamar Shafir, Sophie Krier.

Tamar Shafrir

‘I am a frustrated designer. My frustration leads me to investigate and critique the very thing that eludes me.’

‘Attitude is the largely unconscious, selective projection of belief and suspension of disbelief between one individual and the environments, objects, and individuals that surround him.For the critic, it is an exchange currency with other minds, allowing her to see things that are not there or to deconstruct the things that are, a scalpel of dissection and creation. The tricky part is achieving an out-of-body perspective, seeing one’s attitude from a distance, and thereby learning how to consciously manipulate it.’

Anka Falk

‘I consider myself as a designer of the world I want to live in and I am doing research on design and cultural spaces.’

‘Attitude is a physical issue. Where do I stand? What do I stand for?: These questions are inevitably connected to a place on this planet. Good design asks about the good life. The good life has to encompass the big picture and not only include the well-being of a few. Today, this means taking into consideration global questions about limited resources, climate change, food security, and migration movements. Design is always a statement and reveals if and how someone sees the world – how it is, or how it could be.’

Thomas Geisler

Curator and head of the design collection at MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna.

‘Attitude is like yoga in the head – or, as Nietzsche said: “We usually endeavour to acquire a single deportment of feeling, a single attitude of mind towards all the events and situations of life – that above all is what is called being philosophically minded. But for the enrichment of knowledge it may be of more value not to reduce oneself to uniformity in this way, but to listen instead to the gentle voice of each of life’s different situations; these will suggest the attitude of mind appropriate to them.” Whoever becomes an opportunist in doing so failed the exercise.’

Tamar Shafrir

Michael Schoner

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