Anne Cuneo

Depot Basel, Erlenmatt Areal

11 May 2012


«If you remember the shape of the spoon after eating the soup, it was a bad shape. Spoons and letters are  tools, one to take food out of a bowl, the other takes nutrition from the paper. A font must be like, that the reader doesn’t notice.»

,Adrian Frutiger – Schriftengestalter‘ & ,Clivio’s Objects‘

DEPOT Basel dedicates this evening totally to the hidden and inconsiderable design. We will present the two documentations ,Adrian Frutiger – Schriftengestalter‘ & ,Clivio’s Objects‘ with the presence of the director Anne Cuneo.

Fonts like Univers, Frutiger or ASTRA form the public space, without beeing aware of or even knowing the name of the designer. The exhilarant point of Adrian Frutiger’s work is the diametral statement to a shrill and awarness lust of design. ,Adrian Frutiger – Schriftengestalter‘ gives an insight into his detailled work as well as the thoughts behind

The second documentary – ,Clivio‘s Objects‘ – dedicates to Franco Clivio’s method of work, to research the hidden world of design. The former tutor for productdesign searches passionately after simple and ostensible undesigned objects.

The director of the two documentaries – Anne Cuneo – will give an insight into the fascination of fonts and will be open to answer questions from the guests.