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Depot Basel aims to challenge the prevailing standards and protocols of contemporary design discourse, practice, education and curation. In pursuit of the endeavor to break away from conventional ideas of collaboration and exchange Depot Basel creates formats and open spaces for friction, dialogue and experimentation.

Sometimes we ask people to make things.

We create possibilities for social gatherings and friendly yet professional exchanges.

We appropriated a TV programme into an entertainment format that shows how to charm and being charmed can be an active part of our professional lives.

Exhibitions made accessible 24/7. The window display of our current location in Basel, a former Bureau de Change, is an exhibition space that constantly communicates with our social and spatial environment.

Displaying design is not only showing design, but also developing it further. We are constantly challenging the format ‘exhibition’ and the expectations of the public: by applying unusual methods of production, assemblage and display, and by questioning the conventional habits, expectations and positions of the participants and the visitors.

A Forum provides the multi-day frame for the development of ideas and for experimentation. With the Forum’s topic as object of matter, a program of e.g. lectures, workshops, field trips, exhibition visits, book salons and gatherings around a meal or a table evolves.

On a regular base we host external partners with their exhibitions, workshops and events, because the dialogue about design and society, about yesterday, today and tomorrow can't be conducted from one singular perspective.

A festival of the besides-, with- and for-each-other. An occasion for celebrating.

An informal, picture-based presentation, where protagonists of contemporary production and discourse share details about their work and their everyday lives.

Together with others one works better than alone. Even if everybody has a different background and professional interest: with the means of collaborative making we create a base for exchange.

If lecturers and their public feel at ease with their environment, talking (and listening) can also be fun.

On our Instagram account we assemble diverse perspectives and challenge established perceptions. Each week the communication channel is conducted by another person.

Invitations, posters and flyers. Depot Basel represented from the viewpoints of the invited graphic designers.

It is a parlour game including activities for mind and body, a game about facts, images, riddles, talents, necessary and unnecessary knowledge. The format motivates social interaction.

Depot Basel is an ideal place to work at. That's why we invite people to let them benefit from our space over longer periods.

Movies coin the perception of our living environment and its future. We watch and discuss them together.

Depot Basel considers the gathering of people for collective dialogues and activities most important; the endeavor to break away from conventional ideas of collaboration and exchange is what matters when deciding what we do as a space for contemporary design.

A regular social gathering around a dinner table at Depot Basel, where people engaged and interested in the cultural field can meet, connect, exchange and discuss, while enjoying a meal.

We like to spell out our points of view. We write all the texts for Depot Basel and – on assignment – also for magazines, books and similar.

Every year Depot Basel defines a theme for the program.

Moving images: as an exhibit, a means of documentation and communication.